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As a development consultant I have worked with small businesses, non profit agencies, arts organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies to develop proactive communications, pr and marketing strategies,  strategic plans, audience/client development and fundraising campaigns to achieve their goals for better client service and growth. 

Whether I consult with CEO’s, solopreneurs, boards of directors, or the entire staff of a small business or non profit; I will help you get clear about the philosophy, mission and vision that is driving your business. Then I will assist you in developing the strategies and pathways necessary to achieve those goals and the policies and practices necessary to maintain your growth and success.  


I bring a unique mix of experience and expertise to my consulting practice.  I have had decades of experience as a creative artist, entrepreneur, educator, innovator, director, producer, administrator, and inspirational mentor.   And perhaps, more importantly, I have a unique gift for rapidly and incisively assessing strengths, identifying challenges, and developing creative and effective strategies and solutions.  I can help you see the possibilities, and identify the practical steps to achieving your vision for the future.

As an entrepreneur and business woman, I have started and run many non profit and for profit companies. I have consulted with numerous small businesses, non profits, and government agencies across the country to develop innovative programs and strategic solutions.  I have served on numerous non profit boards and councils as a development and marketing specialist as well as working as a consultant with countless non profit boards to solve their needs for board and/or staff development. I have also taught numerous courses at the University level in non profit management, marketing, and creativity.  In addition to my own areas of expertise, over the years I have developed a remarkable team of artists and business people who work side by side with me to solve your business development needs. 


My team and I can help you focus and take the steps to get your business where you want it to be. Whether you are just starting out or in need of a change or a solution to an existing problem or challenge, we can help. 

Custom Consulting Plans available for branding, staff or board development, fundraising campaigns, and strategic plans.  My team and I will customize a comprehensive plan to fit your financial needs and timeline.  We offer 4, 6, and 10 week comprehensive consulting plans as well as on-going retainer services.  Call or e-mail for more details.   

***Non profit organizations that support parents, the elderly, children with special needs, adoption, and at-risk youth please feel free to contact me for sliding scale pricing.  I will work with you to make it affordable for you to get the help and assistance you need.