I have been an inspirational speaker since 1987 - throughout the late 80’s to the early 2000’s, I was traveling a great deal to theatre conferences and colleges speaking on Creativity and Imagination as well as to spiritual centers, speaking on such topics as “Living Your Dreams”, “The Power of Words”, and “Faith vs Belief”.  I continue to be passionate on those topics and love opportunities to help adults relearn how to play, ignite their imagination, or find their sacred purpose and live the life of their dreams.  I love to ignite the aha moment in an entire group as they discover their personal mission, vision, and passion, or realize the boundlessness of their imagination and their own personal creative genius.

I have used my decades teaching and directing professional theatre to develop workshops and speaking series that help foster Creativity in Children with Developmental and Emotional disabilities, and Creativity as a means of crisis intervention for at Risk Teens.  It’s simple - I believe that everyone is a creative genius, but we just don’t take the right steps to give that creative genius voice, or we don’t take the time to listen and really hear what that children have to share. I do miraculously transformative workshops with the children and teens as well as speak to parents, educators, care-givers, social workers and administrators on how to unlock the creative voice of children who are seen as having little or interest or ability in imagination and creativity, let alone talent or ability in the creative arts.

In the last decade my speaking repertoire has also expanded to include speaking about issues impacting children and families including: Adoption, The broken foster care system, Children’s Mental Health, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  After raising 3 daughters as a a single Mom, adopting from the foster care system,  helping my daughters survive and thrive with FASD, PTSD, OCD, RAD, anxiety disorders and mental illness, combined with years of navigating and fighting the system to get them the care and support they needed and buck the many stifling prognosis, I have become an outspoken advocate for children and parents.

I love to speak to groups of parents who have adopted, those who are considering adoption or those who are struggling as they raise children with significant disabilities or challenging behaviors. My children and I are glowing examples of the light at the end of the tunnel - and our story while full of some extraordinary and even horrific moments, is an inspirational story of unconditional commitment.

“The Art of Unconditional Commitment” is the title of both my upcoming book as well as a new series of workshops and talks available for groups of all sizes.

Current Topics Include:

The Art Of Unconditional Commitment

Free Your Creative Genius

The Sacred Life Series (Discover, Nurture, and Live a life a purpose and vision)

The Art Of Creative Collaboration

Empowered Parenting (A Creative Journey)

The Morality Of Convenience

Acting As If - A Metaphorical Metaphysical Guide for Life